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TV My Way

Finally a TV package the way you want it.  Get the channels you want.  Not the ones you don't. 

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Core Group

(Start with this group, then select at least one other group.)

The Core Group contains local channels, plus an assortment of other favorites. Includes the channels shown here, plus more!

48 Channels | 28 HD Channels


family group.jpg

Family Group

6 Channels | 5 HD Channels


Lifestyles Group.jpg

Lifestyle Group

8 Channels | 7 HD Channels


Entertainment Group.jpg

Entertainment Group

13 HD Channels


Mix it up group.jpg

Mix It Up Group

11 HD Channels


music and more group.jpg

Music and More Group

11 Channels | 9 HD Channels | 50 Music Channels


sports and news group.jpg

News & Sports Group

30 Channels | 28 HD Channels