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Here's what some of our subscribers are saying about Aurora...

What can I say... I replaced *direct-tv* with HTC cable I’m saving $70 per month and everything is better!
— George
Like personal service; Didn’t get that with Comcast or Verizon
— John & Lisa
Very good service
— Dominic
Have had Aurora service about a year now. Don’t know why I didn’t sign up sooner!
— Frank
We are very satisfied with Aurora TV. It is a very good value with exceptional quality. We have referred other to consider switching to Aurora TV”... Great value for all services provided. Much cheaper than satellite
— Tami
Super service!
— Lou
HTC is and has been extremely helpful when we have had any problems with TV or computer. Our experiences have always been very good
— Sandra
When ever I have called with a problem it was quickly taken care of.... (DVR)This is a great service we use all the time
— Del
Response is good
— William
Easy to find channels
— Delbert

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