Hickory Telephone Company


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Available where Fiber-to-the-Home is available.

Save over $70 a month by bundling.

BASIC - $28.99 / mo

  • Unlimited local calling

  • Choice of one of the following:

  • Caller ID with name (pops up on your TV!*), Speed Dial or Three-Way Calling

Long Distance is billed at a low 7 cents per min.

UNLIMITED - additional $10.99 / mo

  • Unlimited Local Toll and Long Distance Calls to anywhere in the contiguous US

VOICE MAIL - Receive messages by email, on your TV*, or phone!  Click here to learn about voice mail packages.

Free Basic Installation ($150 value) with 1 year agreement!

Call 724.356.2211 to order


Local Residential Phone Service - approx. $27.60 / mo (rate may vary due to taxes and surcharges)

Long Distance is billed at a low 7 cents per min.

Unlimited: additional $10.99 / mo

  • Unlimited Local Toll and Long Distance Calls to anywhere in the contiguous US

Save over $70 / mo by bundling.


Hickory Telephone Company offers a wide variety of calling features to enhance your phone service

  • VOICE MAIL - Check messages with our web portal, by email, on your TV*, or phone!

  • TELEMARKETER DO NOT DISTURB - Blocks robocalls from calling you

  • CALLER ID w/ NAME (pops up on your TV!*)

  • CALLER ID BLOCKING / UNBLOCKING (Block / unblock your number from being transmitted)

  • CALL FORWARDING (Several options available - call to find the one that meets your needs)

  • SPEED DIAL (Choose 8 or 30 numbers)


  • SELECTIVE CALL REJECTION (Reject calls from numbers you specify)

  • DISTINCTIVE RINGING (Select numbers that will emit a distinctive ring when that number calls)

Local Calling Areas

Number Porting Form

Digital Voice - Terms of service apply. Rates do not include Federal, State, or local taxes or other regulatory fees. Service available where facilities permit. Requires a signed customer agreement. Current rates subject to change. Approved credit required. Set up fees may apply. Calling plans shall refer to Basic and Unlimited Digital Voice, as well as any other plans Hickory Telephone Company or HTC Communications may offer. Calling plans are subject to change. Calling plans are available per line and may not be combined with any other calling plan. Calling Plans apply to 1 + direct dialed voice calls terminating in the contiguous US. Minute usage will be rounded up to the next minute. 7 cent long distance rate is on a per call basis. Calling plans do not include charges incurred for calling card services, operator assisted calls, collect calls, calls to 900 numbers, directory assistance or operator services. Calls not included Calling Plans are billed at tariff rates located in the HTC Communications tariff. Unlimited Digital Voice is available only to residential customers. Unlimited Digital Voice may not be used for dial-up Internet access, fax, on-line data services, telemarketing or commercial use. If HTC Communications determines that usage is inconsistent with residential usage, customer may be subject to disconnection of Unlimited Digital Voice or offered an alternative long distance plan. Phone - Service available where facilities permit. Approved credit required. For direct-dialed voice calls. Service subject to state and federal taxes and surcharges. Complete details outlined in the Hickory Telephone Company and HTC Communications tariffs. * Subscription to Aurora TV is required

We are a local Cable TV , Internet & Phone service provider, offering services in Pennsylvania in Avella, Atlasburg, Cherry Valley, Cross Creek, Hickory, Southview, Westland and areas of Burgettstown, Houston, and McDonald.